Limbic Lifting Crossfit for The Mind

For women, healthy aging relies upon in large part on healthy living. That’s exquisite information because a lot of what you can do to be wholesome these days will prevent you from feeling beyond your years tomorrow. That includes eating a healthy diet, staying active, and having regular fitness screenings. When it involves sharing some most commonly faced problems, some can testify that sexual fitness is a lifelong issue for women. A woman’s sexual fitness wishes span a long time and encompass loads of problems, from preventing unintended being pregnant to boosting a floppy libido.In the start of your sexually active years, the emphasis of sexual health falls in most cases intoprotecting towards sexually transmitted infections, locating a birth manipulate, or family planning approach that works for you. Later in life, your wishes may additionally change. Many of these modifications coincide with different physical changes you’ll be experiencing. A wholesome sex life contains many rewards, and it’s no longer much the calories burned between the sheets. Women with a healthy sex life may additionally have a lower risk of cardiovascular events — excessive blood pressure and heart attacks — than men. This book is about a new program to develop female sexual desire by creating new neuro- chemical-hormonal associations that women can learn and integrate into new behavior over ten weeks.  The reader is guided through “mental CrossFit workouts” that build sequentially and lead to new habits that support the relationship, desire for intimacy, and engagement with life.

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Limbic Lifting

Crossfit for The Mind

This book will be a tool to familiarize the people with Debra S. Wickman’s program; get invitations to discuss it on media venues and podcasts.  This is a new way to treat female sexual desire and the author wants to make an impact.

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